Vacation Savings with CTA – pt 2

There is an alternative to hiring a travel agent or doing the surfing yourself that not only eliminates wasteful spending but also does away with the need to visit multiple websites, desperately searching for that perfect deal – the one that fits your schedule, fulfills your dreams and falls within the guidelines of your own budget. Cruises, Travel and Attractions is now open in Tampa, Florida, and offering discounts and services to Florida residents. CTA bridges the gap between financial considerations and customer service by customizing any type of vacation, anywhere in the world at the lowest price possible – then sweetening the pot by rebating part of the cost of the vacation back to you.

“We can design any type of vacation, and, regardless of how much time it takes, we’ll put together the vacation that’s right for you. We really like helping people get what they want,” said CTA Sales Manager Mark Young. “In addition to our high level of customer service, the low prices and rebates can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime.”


Vacation Savings with CTA – pt 1

For the most part, if you want to take a memorable vacation and get the most for your hard-earned cash, you have two options: You can sacrifice price in the name of convenience by seeking the services of a traditional travel agent, or you can spend countless hours staring at your computer screen all hours of the day and night, anxiously waiting for airlines and cruise companies to temporarily drop their prices. An alternative is Cruises, Travel and Attractions is in Tampa, Florida – CTA bridges the gap between your budget concerns and finding you a custom-tailored vacation experience in destinations worldwide, and returning some of that cost back to you!


Cost, though certainly an important factor, is not the only reason to choose Cruises, Travel and Attractions. The company works only with three-, four- and five-star properties and offers a wide range of vacation options, from cruises to condos to luxury resorts to tours.