When Business Travel is a Luxury Vacation

For Dave Dolber, travel is not a luxury – it’s a business. As a corporate pilot, he is on call to fly anywhere in the Southeast or to the Caribbean on just a few hours notice. The majority of our flying is from Northern Virginia into the Caribbean,” Dolber said. “We go to the Bahamas a lot, the Turks and Caicos, Cayman Islands…”

Dolber is a veteran traveler, but when his wife mentioned casually that there was a Cruise, Travel and Attractions location in town, he said, “OK. What’s that?”

It wasn’t long before he found out not only “what” Cruise, Travel and Attractions is, but how much he could save by becoming a member. He learned firsthand that the savings could be considerable.

“How we used Cruise, Travel and Attractions is primarily through my business. I’m a corporate pilot, and I’m away from home a fair amount,” Dolber said. “That means hotels,

rental cars and things like that, and Cruise, Travel and Attractions gives you a rebate off the basic rack rate.”

Dolber went on to say that CTA Vacations are ideal for those who do a fair amount of traveling. The Dolbers thought that a membership would work well for them, although they couldn’t have guessed how much it ultimately would save them.

“We bought a membership in June 2009,” he said. “By February 2010, I had received mypurchase price back from the receipts I had submitted up to that time.”

Since then, the Dolbers have continued to travel and submit receipts.

“I’m considerably ahead now,” Dolber said. “Truthfully, it is about a 90-percent return on my investment. I wish my stock market portfolio did that.”

Even though the Cruise, Travel and Attractions seminar the Dolbers attended was impressive, they were skeptical about a plan that sounded too good to be true.

“One thing I was concerned with was their reputation, because I had never heard of them. I did a check and found out they were fine,” he said.

Joining Cruise, Travel and Attractions has allowed the Dolbers to visit new places together in addition to his many businessrelated trips. Of course, this might be what his wife had in mind when she suggested it.

“My wife and I always wanted to take a cruise, but we didn’t have the opportunity until this year,” Dolber said. “We left from Florida and went to Belize, Mexico and the Cayman Islands.”

“The stateroom had a really nice balcony,” he continued. “The rack rate was $3,400. When we got back, I submitted the receipt to Cruise, Travel and Attractions and they sent me a check for $1,000.”

About the customer service at Cruise, Travel and Attractions, Dolber said, “They are great.”

Would he recommend Cruise, Travel and Attractions? “Absolutely,” he said. “If you do a fair amount of traveling, it works out pretty well.”

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