Vacation Savings with CTA – pt 1

For the most part, if you want to take a memorable vacation and get the most for your hard-earned cash, you have two options: You can sacrifice price in the name of convenience by seeking the services of a traditional travel agent, or you can spend countless hours staring at your computer screen all hours of the day and night, anxiously waiting for airlines and cruise companies to temporarily drop their prices. An alternative is Cruises, Travel and Attractions is in Tampa, Florida – CTA bridges the gap between your budget concerns and finding you a custom-tailored vacation experience in destinations worldwide, and returning some of that cost back to you!


Cost, though certainly an important factor, is not the only reason to choose Cruises, Travel and Attractions. The company works only with three-, four- and five-star properties and offers a wide range of vacation options, from cruises to condos to luxury resorts to tours.

CTA does business with most of the world’s top cruise lines, offering vacation possibilities that will take you places spanning virtually the entire globe: Alaska, New England, Italy, Africa, India, the Black Sea, the Red Sea, the North Sea, Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, South America and even Antarctica, and every place in between.

Cruises, Travel and Attractions’ Sales Manager Mark Young explains that Cruises, Travel and Attractions is able to offer deep discounts on quality vacations at locations throughout the world because the company uses the same concept utilized by wholesale clubs such as Sam’s and Costco. Since it provides services to thousands of members and many of them vacation often, Cruises, Travel and Attractions is able to purchase large blocks of space at most of the world’s top resort destinations. The company prides itself on its success in negotiating the best possible price for its clients, and Florida is enjoying this great service provided by CTA’s Tampa office.

“We have created our resort search system to allow you to choose the areas you would like to visit, as well as the number of bedrooms and the time of year, be it prime or low-demand season.” In other words, Cruises, Travel and Attractions will make it easy for you to plan memorable vacations and save money as well.

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